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The Brutal History of Japan’s ‘Comfort Women’

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Hansen on deYoung, 'This Woman's Army: The Dynamics of Sex and Violence in the Military'

From fellow soldier to 'monster' in uniform: #MeToo in the military

WOMEN, SEX, AND THE MILITARY. Jeffrey P. Whitman the end of the Cold War, the US military finds itself facing a number of institutional challenges. Some of.
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Lee Ok-seon was running an errand for her parents when it happened: a group of uniformed men burst out of a car, attacked her and dragged her into the vehicle. As they drove away, she had no idea that she would never see her parents again. Lee Ok-seon, then 80, in a shelter for former sex slaves near Seoul, South Korea, holding an old photo of herself on April 15,

For military women, before MeToo there was NotInvisible, our attempt to draw attention to the epidemic of sexual assault in the military which continues to be largely ignored by the American public. Now as the MeToo reckoning sweeps other industries, from Hollywood to politics, America is once again leaving service women behind. We women veterans and military women also felt emboldened to share our stories as MeToo entered the national conversation, but as the movement gains momentum we question why our voices are not included in this movement. Women in the military have been speaking out about sexual harassment and assault for decades, from Tailhook in the early s to Marines United earlier this year.

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