Celestia magic

My Little Pony Toy Princess Celestia Sparkling 6-inch Figure for Kids Ages 3 Years Old and Up

celestia magic
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Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia, called Queen Celestia in one comic and early development, is an Alicorn pony, the co-ruler of Equestria alongside her younger sister Princess Luna, and the adoptive aunt of Princess Cadance. Princess Celestia was inspired by Majesty, a G1 unicorn.
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Princess Celestia is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the co-ruler of Equestria along with her younger sister Princess Luna , both of whom are responsible for raising the sun and the moon. She is the mentor of Twilight Sparkle , whom she addresses as her faithful student. Over a millennium ago, Celestia and Luna discovered the Tree of Harmony and took the Elements from it to defeat Discord.

Top definition. Princess Celestia unknown. Princess Celestia is a character in the current My Little Pony series. She is a tall winged unicorn with a white coat and tri-coloured mane, and she is notable for her much larger size in relation to other ponies in the show. Princess Celestia is one of the two rulers her co-ruler being her sister Princess Luna who preside over Equestria , the fictional land in which the My Little Pony show is based.

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